Understanding the NFRC and Energy Star Labels

energy star

Updating the doors and windows of your home is not a small undertaking, especially if you want the best in quality, appearance, and insulation. In order to choose what’s best for your home and your energy bill, it’s helpful to understand exactly what you’re paying for. To help you decide, there are two rating systems…

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How to Naturally Improve Home Lighting

home lighting

Is your home interior too dark, no matter how brightly the sun is shining? Natural light is a wonderful way to brighten up a dreary home, but sometimes it’s difficult to figure out how to let more in. Some homes have several obstacles in the way of natural light – not enough windows, bad window…

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Dealing with Home Exterior Storm Damage

storm damage

When a storm rips through your neighborhood, it can leave a huge amount of damage behind. Your gutters, roof, windows, doors, and siding are all exposed to the elements and potential storm damage. An average of 1000 tornados and other extremely windy storms blow across the United States each year, not to mention hail and…

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6 Ways to Tell You Need New Siding

new siding

At the change of the season is a great time to take a fresh look at that to-do list of tasks around the house. When the weather is about to get hot or cold, you should consider updating the outside of your home. While you’re examining the building, pay close attention to the old siding.…

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Make Your Home Exterior Eco Friendly

eco friendly

If given enough time, every home will need some work done on its exterior. This could include the windows, siding, and/or rooftop. Depending on what you plan to update, there are options available to make those changes better for the environment as well as the look and protection of the building. From energy saving windows…

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How to Choose the Right Siding Color for Your Home

siding color

If you’re planning to update the outside of your home with some new siding, there are several important questions to ask. What type of siding should I choose? How much insulation will I need? But the most exciting decision to make is – which color do I want to use? Picking a new color for…

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Lower your Energy Bill with Window Improvements

energy bill

Does it seem that no matter the time of year, you always have either your furnace or your air conditioner running? In the middle of the summer or winter, have you ever looked at your energy bill and thought that it was costing a little more than usual? Before you start blaming that old furnace…

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