Lower your Energy Bill with Window Improvements

energy bill

Does it seem that no matter the time of year, you always have either your furnace or your air conditioner running? In the middle of the summer or winter, have you ever looked at your energy bill and thought that it was costing a little more than usual? Before you start blaming that old furnace or air conditioner, you should check the windows. If your current windows are getting old and drafty, they could be the main culprit for your soaring energy bills. Let’s take a look at how replacing or improving your windows can help lower your energy bill while keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter!

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Lower Your Energy Costs

Lowering your energy costs each month is probably your biggest incentive to replace your windows with more efficient ones. Our customers usually save about 20 to 40% off their energy bills with new energy efficient windows, depending on the state of the previous windows and the efficiency of the new ones. For the best results, replace your old ones with Triple Pane Krypton or Double Pane Argon windows.

Federal Tax Credits

Many homeowners don’t realize when they qualify to save money with federal tax credits connected to energy efficiency. You can even apply for a federal tax credit if you’re not replacing every single window in the building. The particulars of energy efficiency tax credits change every few years, so check with your tax professional for the latest details at the time of your window replacement.

Maintenance-Free Exterior

With All Seasons Window and Siding, not only will we fix your drafty windows, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the beautiful installation without regular upkeep. We repair the brick mold and sill trim and replace it where necessary. Once repairs are made, we can do what’s called “capping or wrapping,” which involves covering the exterior trim with an aluminum alloy covered with PVC that’s embossed to look like wood grain. This creates maintenance-free exterior trim that doesn't rot and never needs painting. If you choose to purchase our vinyl windows, this combination creates a maintenance-free exterior.

Avoid Alternative Window Improvements

You might see advertising for other window improvements that claim to reduce your energy bill, but many of these are inefficient, don’t work at all, or can even cause harm to your window seal.

Window Tinting

It’s possible to place an adhesive sheet of tinted plastic to your windows, making them darker like a car window. In theory, this is a cheap way to reduce the amount of heat from the sun that enters the room. In practice, however, the film tends to destroy the seal of the window, negating the benefits. The broken seal also allows air and moisture between the pane of glass, which deposits a white coating that cannot be removed. We do not recommend after-market window tinting to our customers. If you are interested in tinted glass, new windows can safely be tinted at the factory when they are manufactured.

Cellular Shades

The sales of cellular shades are on the rise for a variety of reasons. They’re less expensive than window replacement and are often used for apartments or rental homes where you’re unable to replace the windows yourself. These shades make a statement, as they’re made of solid material consisting of a honeycomb design that will trap heat. However, we don’t recommend using these shades to fix your problem. While they redirect the air, so you don't feel the draft as much, the heat or cold still enters the home, affecting your energy bill.

Temporary Window Insulation

Clear window insulation can reduce energy loss for a single pane window. These kits include a clear/transparent film and the adhesive tape used to attach it to the window frame. The film traps the air between the window and the film. Once it’s adhered to the window, you then use a blow dryer to shrink the film down to make it taut and wrinkle-free. This is a temporary indoor solution that doesn’t look very pretty, but it will keep your house less drafty in a pinch. In the end, you’d be better off replacing the windows for a permanent solution, rather than patching up the issue with a temporary one. The longer you wait, the more new windows will cost you.

Not only is replacing your old windows great for your energy bill, but it will also update the look of your home, both inside and out. Our new windows are easy to clean, low-maintenance, look great, and can be custom fit to your home. If you replace your drafty windows with sleek new ones, you’ll quickly see your savings grow as your energy bill declines. Add in a possible federal tax credit, and you’ll save even more money. If you’re feeling a draft and your air conditioner or furnace is running non-stop, look into replacing your old windows and doors and start lowering that energy bill today!