Fiber Glass Windows

If you are looking for windows that are practical, affordable and attractive, look no further than fiberglass. With a fiberglass window installation, you get all of the practical benefits you could want from a window while still offering a beautiful view and an attractive appearance as well. Consider these great benefits fiberglass Integrity from Marvin® windows can offer you.


Fiberglass windows offer a long-lasting durable dependability that will withstand numerous seasonal changes. They don’t crack, peel or warp like wood can, and they don’t shrink and swell much more than glass does. This means that not only will your windows continue to look beautiful for years to come, but the seals and creases will continue to look great for years to come as well.

Weather Resistant

Fiberglass windows are strong, durable and weather resistant. They resist cold, water and heat all year long. They can even withstand salt air and ultraviolet rays. Fiberglass windows are versatile windows that offer excellent performance, no matter the season or climate. Whether you live next to the salty ocean, in the hot south or in the snowy north, fiberglass windows are sure to be an excellent and practical addition to your home.

Paint Options

Unlike other window types, fiberglass can be painted to your exact color specifications. Whether you want your fiberglass windows to blend in to your home with a perfect match or you want them to stand out and make a statement, they can be painted whichever color you choose. Plus, they can also be treated with a wood veneer as well.


Fiberglass windows do cost more than cheaper options such as vinyl and aluminum, but when you consider the long-lasting durability they provide, you can quickly see that fiberglass windows are well worth the initial investment.

If you are ready for windows that don’t just look good, but that offer superior function and performance as well, fiberglass windows may be just the right type of windows for you.

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